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Sandra Oballe
for County Court #1

Sandra Oballe

For Brazoria County Court #1

I’m Sandra J. Oballe, a professional private practice Brazoria County Criminal Defense Lawyer, Public Defender, and native of the region. I have a love of people, the community, and a sense of fairness. Support my campaign for County Court #1 Judge.

Aggressively Pursuing Justice

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Get To Know Sandra

I graduated from the University of Houston with a BS in Psychology in 2000.  I graduated from University of Houston Law Center in December 2002. I took and passed the February bar and was licensed May 2002. I walked across to get my diploma with my bar license. I have always been a solo practitioner in criminal defense.

I have a love of people, the community, the law and a sense of fairness. I am a person with the grit (courage, resolve, strength of character) and experience to take care of the people of Brazoria County’s business with a aggressive and respectful work ethic that pursues justice.

This is an elected position and the people will say by their vote who they want in this position. I will take this position as a job. I have worked in the justice system at the courthouse in Brazoria County for 15 years. My job is to represent people charged with crimes. I give every client my loyalty, my best work and my attention to their matter seeing each through to the end. I will do the same job as judge of County Court No. 1.

Don’t Forget to Vote!

Don’t forget to vote for Sandra Oballe in the upcoming election!
We look forward to counting your vote for Sandra on March 3rd, 2020.








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